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Weekend Course - 18th May to 21st May 2012


Full Week: 10th - 17th August 2012


Malham Tarn Residential Fly Fishing Instruction in the Yorkshire Dales

 Fly Fishing Holidays at Malham Tarn        The Centre at Malham Tarn     The West Boat house at Malham Tarn

2009 best fish from Malham

Do you think you could cope with a 7 day fly fishing holiday in Yorkshire, learning how to cast from boat, bank and river, learning about fly life, looking into the technologies and techniques of fly fishing, learning how to dress a fly and when to use it?

Would you like to collapse into the bar at night exhausted but well fed and with knowledge that the next day you will have to go fishing again!!!

Sounds like heaven doesn't it!!!!   Read on---

Malham Tarn Field Centre is one of seventeen Centres in the UK run by the Field Studies Council, an independent educational charity, which promotes a better understanding of our environment.

Malham Tarn holds an excellent stock of genuinely wild brown trout, and this residential fly fishing holiday course gives you the opportunity to enjoy the experience of fly fishing for them and at the same time learn some of the techniques involved and something of the life of the trout in Malham Tarn and in the surrounding waters. In general terms, the course is aimed at newcomers to fly fishing who wish to try the sport and other anglers who wish to extend their skills and knowledge. It will give you a broad view of the whole fishing scene so that you may pursue any facet later - however, there is no guarantee that you will catch any trout. It is hoped that the course will enable you to fish more successfully, but above all to offer you the chance to pursue a satisfying sport amidst a unique environment and provide you with an enjoyable relaxing yet instructive fly fishing holiday. The days will largely be spent fishing with a high degree of individual casting instruction and help for those new to fly fishing who need to acquire the basic skill and techniques.

Visitors to the Malham Tarn Centre can expect to find a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and although not luxurious, the accommodation is warm and comfortable, situated in Tarn House itself and the converted stable blocks. There are four well equipped study rooms, drying rooms, libraries, a bar, TV lounge and facilities for making drinks at all times. In addition to a cooked breakfast and wholesome evening meal, fillings are provided for you to make a picnic lunch to enjoy wherever your course may take you.

Couples are most welcome, even if only one is on the course, for your partner there are some superb country walks in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales or perhaps the other partner may wish to join one of the other courses being run at the same time as the fly fishing course. Contact Elizabeth on 01729 830331 for details of all courses.

Full weeks course 10th - 17th August 2012

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Weekend Course - 18th May to 21st May 2012

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Proposed Programme for the week fly fishing holidays

Daily - Breakfast 8:30.     Packed Lunch.     Dinner 6:00.

Friday Arrival

7:15 to 9:15 Evening Introduction –safety, tackle, nets, rods, lines, leaders, knots, flies.


9:15 to 5:00 Casting on the lawn and water  - Boat safety and casting

7:15 to 9:15 Evening - Leader make-up, knots etc.


9:15 to 5:00 Boat Fishing on Malham Tarn all day

7:15 to 9:15 Evening – Habitats - slide show


9:15 to 5:00 River craft and fishing on the River Wharfe all day with emphasis on North Country Spiders

7:15 to 9:15 Evening - Entomology – show.


9:15 to 5:00 Bank Fishing on another local Stillwater

7:15 to 9:15 Evening Fly Tying – demo and practical


9:15 to 5:00 Boat Fishing on Malham Tarn all Day

7:15 to 9:15 Evening - Fly Tying – demo and practical


9:15 to 5:00 River Fishing on the River Wharfe all day

7:15 to 9:15 Evening – Leisure evening boat fishing on the tarn


Depart or you could go boating fishing if required but chargeable.

There will be sessions in which we will concentrate on some of the concepts and techniques involved in successfully fishing stillwaters by boat and bank and on running from the bank or wading. The programme will heavily depend on the weather conditions.

The weeks fly fishing holidays cost from around £670.00 per person for:

7 days of fly fishing instruction and tuition, almost 24/7 but not quite.

Full board 7 nights with all meals included

All day tickets etc. for the waters fished

All tackle, lines, flies etc. are provided (if required)

All transportation costs to the various venues

That's what we Yorkshire Folk call value for money!!!!

To book for the fly fishing holiday courses please contact the Malham Tarn Centre or give Stephen Cheetham a ring anytime on 01132507244 if you want more information.

Elizabeth Judson

Malham Tarn Field Centre
North Yorkshire
BD24 9PU
Tel:  01729 830331
Fax:  01729 830658

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"Fishing is Fun"


 "Fishing with Style".

Contact us at

Fishing with Style, 40 Aire Grove, Yeadon, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS19 7TY

Tel: 0113 2507244

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Fuller's Earth

We are one of the leading suppliers of Fuller's Earth powder to the Fly Fishing fraternity. Fuller's Earth is also one of natures all round products that has many uses in the cosmetic industry, transport, a degreasing agent and is used in the theatrical industry.

Fuller's Earth Bottles

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We are one of the leading suppliers of traditional North Country Spiders. These North Country Spider patterns have been used for many centuries in the North of England by many folk who have fished and had the pleasure to write about them.

North Country Spiders

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Fly Fishing Instruction in Yorkshire

Stephen is a fly fishing instructor and also teaches fly dressing at Bradford College and Otley Prince Henry's School. He is a member of the Salmon & Trout Association and the Game Anglers Instructors Association and gives fly fishing instruction at many venues in Yorkshire

Salmon & Trout Association, Fly Fishing Instruction